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Dr. Charles Malek
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Dr. Charles Malek was a leading figure in the drafting and adoption of the
1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Indeed, he headed the ad hoc committee formed by the UN, which spent three
years drafting the declaration with the help of such members as Eleanor
Roosevelt (former U.S. First Lady) and Rene Cassin (French Nobel Price).
The declaration was adopted on December 10, 1948, and since its adoption it continues to assert
the human dignity and worth of every human being on the planet..
Dr. Charles Malek
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Bterram a beautiful village of Lebanon with thousands of years of history, located
among the olive trees and surrounded by the White Mountains.
Dr. Malek was elected as President of the General
Assembly of the UN for the year 1958-1959. In Lebanon,
he held many governmental positions between 1956 and
1958, such as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and
Arts,...He obtained more than 60 honorary doctorates
from different international universities. His publications
include The Problem of Asia (1951) and Man in the
Struggle for Peace (1963).
Dr. Charles Malek's son, Prof. Habib Malek is human rights activist and
academic. He is the founding member of the Foundation for Human and
Humanitarian Rights in Lebanon.
Charles Malek, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rene Cassin of the Human
Right committee (Paris, December 1948)    
Charles, Eva Malek and their
son Habib in 1986