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Dr. Sema'an I. Salem
Bterram Home
Dr Semaan Salem was born in Bterram on April 4, 1927. His parents are
Ibrahim Salem and Mserra Abboud.
He studied in Koura his elementary education. He was graduated from
Tripoli High School with a high school degree and from the American
University of Cairo with a B.S. in Physics.
He obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas in Austin.
He joined the faculty of Long Beach California State University. He came
to the campus in 1961 and taught physics and soon after published the
first research paper from then Long Beach State College. .
In 1979, Salem was elected chairman of the Department of
Physics and Astronomy and served in this position for nine years.
Salem established the Department Advisory Council, which
advises and provides funds and equipment for the department.
Dr. Sema'an Salem
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Bterram a beautiful village of Lebanon with thousands of years of history, located
among the olive trees and surrounded by the White Mountains.
His contributions to the University earned professor Salem the title
of 19th Legacy Lecturer.Dr Salem represented California State
University on Associated Western Universities for 23 years, 1980
- 2003. He was chosen as Outstanding Professor of the year,
1981 -1982.
In 1997, he received the Certificate of Recognition of the Phi Beta
Kappa (the American Scholar) for his dedicated services to the
advancement of liberal learning.
He has published about 100 scientific papers mostly on atomic physics. Other contributions Salem
has made include the addition of seven tables to "The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics," and he
has also three books: Khalil and all of Lebanon (1980); Science in the Medieval World (1991) and
The Near East, the Cradle of Western Civilization (2000-
find it), co-authored by his daughter Lynda (
Master of Science in Library Science from The Catholic University of America and  working as a
librarian in Long Beach, CA), Faris of Zora: The Man Who Made the Big Sacrifice (
find it) and The
Origins of Biblical Stories (
find it)

Sema'an Salem and his wife Juanita Gardner have three daughters Jeilnar, Raya and Lynda.
Department Chair Alfred Leung gives a plaque
to Professor Salem for his 22 years of service
as Advisory Councel Chair (2003)    
Lecturing "On Global warming" at
the Balamand University, 2003  
Dr Salem being congratulated by
President Robert Maxson after
giving the legacy lecture, 1998   
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